3 Great Ways To Use Himalayan Pink Salt

If you are passionate about healthy living, you probably already heard of Himalayan salt, a particular pink salt manually extracted from Khewra Salt Mine, a mine located in Pakistan near the Himalaya. This salt is well known for its health benefits, but not many people know that using it for cooking is only one of the few ways this amazing crystal can be used. In this blog we will introduce you to 3 alternative ways to utilize pink Himalayan salt.

Grilling and searing your foods

You probably know you can use pink Himalayan salt to season your dishes, but we believe you probably were not aware that you can use a block of pink Himalayan salt as a platform for grilling or searing your food. The aim is still to provide sapidity to your dish, but in a much more sophisticated way. These blocks can be heated up to over 230°C, allowing you to grill or sear your food without the need to add any further salt. Once you finished cooking, you can simply let the block cool down and either use it for cooking again in the future or use it as a serving plate for your dish. This is definitely a great way to impress your guests!

Make amazing exfoliators and scrubs

If you want to get a glowing and healthy skin, then a body scrub made with pink Himalayan salt is what you are looking for. Salt scrubs tend to provide a thorough exfoliation and are great to be used on your whole body. You can either buy already-made scrubs, or you could also make your own for a much lower price. All you require is pink Himalayan salt and coconut oil – yes, it is as simple as that! The perfect time to use this scrub is in the shower, after the skin has already been softened by warm water. Simply massage it gently into the skin, rinse it, et voilà, you are ready for the day!

Add it to your bath to relax your muscles and nourish your skin

Bath salts or bath rocks are well known for helping and improving skin conditions. Particularly, pink Himalayan salt is great to help relax sore, cramped and fatigued muscles. This is because the water in the bath makes it easier for our skin to absorb the magnesium present in the pink salt, which is a very important mineral for connective tissues. Also, pink Himalayan salt is great for keeping your skin hydrated, soft and smooth, while also relieving dermal irritation from acne, eczemas and psoriasis. All you need to do is add some pink Himalayan salt to a hot bath, let it dissolve, and relax. This very cheap and quick way to use pink Himalayan salt will make your skin glow with very little effort.

As you can see, there are a multitude of ways to use pink Himalayan salt and benefit from its health properties. If cooking is not your forte, you could always use it to create your own scrubs or bath salts and relax while letting it do its magic.


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